sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Secret Weapon do Chopper Dave à venda...

It was built for S&S to introduce the engine to Japan at Cool Breaker 2007.
It took 2nd place at the ride in show at Cool Breaker.
It was also featured at Mooneyes HRCS 2007 as well.
In 2008 it took first place in its class at the Grand National Roadster Show as well as winning the one and only:
Outstanding Engineering Motorcycle Award at the GNRS as well
Then I was asked to have it be one of the 50 S&S Anniversarry bikes and it was included in the S&S 50th celebration in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.
Then it was at AMD in Sturgis where it won the Champions Park Pick award.
It was featured in The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine
In the Hot Bike AMD special magazine
Hardcore Chopper Japan magazine
Small Features in most of the coverage of the S&S 50th
Its in the newest issue of Cycle world, in my eyes the greatest press achievement possible.
Cast "Powered By S&S" Gas tank
Prototype, pegs, air cleaner, wheels
One off X-Wedge Oil Tank
One off Frame and controls
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