terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Free Stickers Promo

The Free Stickers Promo has proved itself a success. We have received several requests for free stickers, some of them with krazy stuff attached (that I´ll slowly post on the blog).

Therefore, I take this opportunity to remind everyone and emphasize that only those who send us anything kreative, from home made video to a professional photos, will get the stickers. And if it has the blog´s name on it, you´ll get a free t-shirt also.

Show us a kool bike trip, a ride through town, some killer party, kustom bikes or cars, hot chicks (of course), or any other krazyness.

Anything at all.

C'mon guys, is not that hard, give it a try. Or aren´t you up to the task?

And do not worry, everyone who sends us kustom stuff will get the stickers. We already ordered a huge amount of them, and as soon as they get ready we´ll start sending them out.


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