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Aqui vai mais uma quebra de paradigma !
Para os que veneram as Knuckleheads por serem as primeiras HDs OHV ( over head valve ), trago más "novidades", vão ter que achar outra justificativa:

Eight valve racer, modelo de competição da HD, inicialmente produzida em  1915

"In early 1916, Janke was assigned a new Harley-Davidson “eight-valve” racer. This was Milwaukee’s secret weapon introduced the previous September in Chicago where Otto Walker turned a lap at 93.5 mph and nailed a new 100-mile record at 89.11 mph. 
The eight-valve was Milwaukee’s first non-production racing engine. Early versions had a special head-cylinder with four pushrod-operated valves, but used the standard pocket-valve bottom end. This would later evolve into the famous “two-cam” bottom. The Harley eight-valve combustion chamber was of pent-roof design, and was more efficient than the flat-top style found in production OHVs like the Pope and Jefferson motorcycles, or in Indian’s older eight-valve racer". 

E para piorar, achei esse texto em uma discussão no forum na ACMA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) como a origem do termo "Chicago Harley" sendo na realidade uma referência ao recorde de velocidade batido por uma 8-valve race !!

But there is absolutely no doubt that a 1915 Harley Eight-Valve existed. Not only existed but set a 100-mile board track record right out of the bag at Chicago-Maywood on Sept. 12, 1915, even if previous books and articles say otherwise. 
Now, if only we knew the true origin of the term: "Chicago Harley," maybe I could get a good night's sleep.

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