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Está à venda no Ebay pela bagatela de U$ 29.500,00. Ah, o dono aceita troca, pra quem quiser tentar a sorte...

Segue descrição (em inglês):


- This bike has gone been given a COMPLETE nut and bolt frame off restoration
- The 2 year long restoration was completed by renowned specialist Steve LeMay of Resurrection Cycle
- I have many picture of this restoration in progress.
- This was a museum quality restoration
- The detail of the restoration is impeccable everything is correct finish and materials used on a early type 3 WLA
- This bike was carefully and meticulously taken apart restored and put back together with concern with being period correct to the very last detail.
- Has roughly 85 miles since the restoration only to carefully break the bike in and ensure everything is functioning properly. The bike also undergoes complete detail after every ride.
- Always have changed the fuel and oil in the bike annually
- She will run and drive excellent! Better than she did in 1942!
- Some upgrades were done to enhance reliability, ride-ability and safety (ALL HIDDEN)
* Diaphragm Clutch
* Electronic Ignition (spare points/condenser included fuel resistant float
* Big Fix Clutch Bearing
* Electronic Regulator
* Halogen Headlight bulb
* Gel Cell battery (Install in an Original battery case)
- Entire exhaust system was Jet-Hot coated to prevent discoloration rust and flaking
- Bike always store in a climate controlled garage
- Serial # 42WLA20126
- Bike was recently shown at the prestigious Greenwich Concours
- Fully functional military black out lights
- Leather seat, saddle bags, and gun holder
- Included is a high quality Thompson Sub-machine Gun Replica
- Replica WW2 Tanker helmet size is extra large
- Replica period Military plate
- Original 1942 New York motorcycle license plate
- Authentic Polaroid NOS (new old stock) Goggles
- Original tool kit
- Also included are Spark Plugs, Guide books, and Lube gun
- These bikes are hard to find and you almost never come across them in this kind of condition
- This is the best surviving WLA motorcycle I have seen

E aí, Dr. Jurássico? Aguardamos o seu parecer técnico, por favor.

5 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Aonde consigo material em portugues sobre a história dessa motocicleta?

Lobo disse...

Podemos ver se o Dr. Jurássico nos proporciona momentos de sabedoria acerca da motocicleta e sua história.

E aí Hadys, a bola está contigo, rs...

Rafael F. disse...

Show! só vi uma igual na loja da HD de São Petersburgo - RUS (que aliás é uma merda), mas não estava tão bonita.

Renato disse...

A do Capitão América é mais legal. :-))

Marco disse...

Só compro se a Thompson .45 ACP vier junto!

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