segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2018

"When Freedom is outlawed, only Outlaws will have Freedom."

“Conversation between a princess and an outlaw:

"If I stand for fairy-tale balls and dragon bait--dragon bait--what do you stand for?"

"Me? I stand for uncertainty, insecurity, bad taste, fun, and things that go boom in the night."

"Franky, it seems to me that you've turned yourself into a stereotype."

"You may be right. I don't care. As any car freak will tell you, the old models are the most beautiful, even if they aren't the most efficient. People who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve."

"Well, you may get off on being a beautiful stereotype, regardless of the social consequences, but my conscience won't allow it."

"And I goddamn refuse to be dragon bait. I'm as capable of rescuing you as you are of rescuing me."

"I'm an outlaw, not a hero. I never intended to rescue you. We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”

"Still Life With The Woodpecker" - Tom Robbins.

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